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How it Works


  1. Slits for removable finger caps
  2. Flexible Powder-Puff-Fingers for precise work


  1. Removed finger caps for maximum control
  2. Wipeable binding
  3. Thumb hole


  1. Thin, breathable, stretch fabric
  2. Pocket for Powder-Puff-Cap
  3. Chinpad - perfect support for lip lining
  4. Strap to attach hairclips


  1. Powder-Puff-Cap covers fingers turns MuGlo into Powder-Puff-Hand


  1. Powder-Puff-Hand for effective work on face and body


  • Sets the foundation on small and larger skin areas
  • Individual Powder-Puff-Fingers and Powder-Puff-Cap
  • Protects the existing foundation
  • Space for mixing lipstick colors, camouflage and foundation
  • Wipeable binding
  • Chin pad support for perfect lip lining
  • Pleasant feeling
  • More hygienic
  • Protects the hands of makeup professionals
  • Hand-wash also possible (Quick-drying fabric)

About Muglo

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"I always had the idea to optimize the workflow of make up application on set. One day the vision of a make up glove was born."
Dunja Pflugfelder, Inventor of MuGlo

The MuGlo make-up glove was invented by Dunja Pflugfelder, one of the leading special make up artists. The idea and the development of the product started 2010. After two years of extensive research and first prototypes the idea and the trademark was patent-registered in 2012. The idea behind the MuGlo:

  • Easy Handling

    The MuGlo itself has a super easy handling and workflow - it is suitable for make up professionals as well as for private use.

  • Made with Love

    If you have the MuGlo in your hands you will feel the love and the passion which went into creating this premium product.

  • Sustainability

    The raw materials used to built the MuGlo match the highest standards because the glove gets in contact with one of the most sensitive body area - your skin.
    Therefore we just use materials with OEKO-TEX® certification. Our MuGlo is STeP certified!

Three different sizes for perfect fit

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Size: Small

59 95
Contains right & left glove
  • Color: black
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable @ 30°

Size: Large

59 95
Contains right & left glove
  • Color: black
  • Breathable fabric
  • Washable @ 30°
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Designed with in Cologne, Germany

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